As if it wasn’t enough for a Steam Deck/SteamOS update today, Valve also pushed an update to the Steam desktop client. Again, the list of patch notes is far too much to cover here, but here are some of the highlights:

  • a Games to Play Together section has been added with your friends who have the same games in common
  • the “updated purchase approval dialog” has been added specifically to Linux and Mac OS
  • reduced network usage on startup
  • CEF has been updated to 85.0.4183.121
  • capture performance has been “greatly improved” in games with the Vulkan backend
  • black screen when streaming to a Linux device should no longer be an issue
  • support for a few additional gamepads, including third-party joycons
  • and many, many fixes

Have a look at the patch notes on Steam.

Cover image credit: The Gamer

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