Some folks wanted a video tutorial going over how to get Hedge Mod Manager running on Deck, so here you go.

Text version:

  1. Get STL: git clone
  2. cd steamtinkerlaunch
  3. ./steamtinkerlaunch (updates to latest git and installs all dependencies needed)
  4. ./steamtinkerlaunch compat add (adds STL to Steam)
  5. Restart Steam and force Frontiers to use STL. Run the game
  6. Go to GLOBAL, configure HMM to use nightly build. Close STL and force Frontiers to use GE-Proton7-41 (or an older build if it doesn’t work for some reason)
  7. ./steamtinkerlaunch hmm start nightly (to verify if HMM works. Will take a while) 7b. If HMM doesn’t open, delete “hedgemodmanager” folder in /home/deck/.config/steamtinkerlaunch/, then run the above command again
  8. Get mods and place them in the “Mods” folder inside the game install directory
  9. Run HMM again with ./steamtinkerlaunch hmm start nightly, configure mods and codes
  10. Click “Save” when done. Launch the game either directly through Steam or with HMM
  11. (Optional) Create a desktop shortcut for HMM. Paste the following into a text editor:
[Desktop Entry]
Exec=path/to/stl_executable/./steamtinkerlaunch hmm start nightly
Name=Hedge Mod Manager

Save the file to your desktop with a .desktop extension. You can then right-click this file and add it as a non-Steam shortcut so you can run it in Game Mode.

If Frontiers doesn’t load, use an older version of Proton.

If anyone comes across any issues, well, I might not be able to help any further. You may want to describe your issue on the HMM GitHub thread.

If you want to get HMM running on desktop Linux, you can refer to my other guide.

WARNING: LGC will be shutting down March 7, 2024. See this post for more details.