Well, this is a relief to see.

Seems like NVIDIA themselves are the scalpers – rather than the ones who greedily buy them in bulk and sell them at three or four times the price – at least when it comes to the 4080/4090. See, the price of the 4080 is so expensive that it hasn’t appealed to that many people. As a result, scalpers who bought these cards, thinking that people were going to be desperate enough to scoop them up, are regretting their purchases. They’ve been forced to sell them at MSRP or even lower.

Scalper selling 4080 at MSRP

“Still very hard to get these cards.” Yeah, what a load of BS.

But here’s where it hits them hard: some of these scalpers, depending on where they bought the card, can’t even return it for a refund. Newegg is an example where they’re not taking refunds. Thanks, Newegg.

With AMD’s upcoming 6900 XT/XTX selling at a cheaper price, it makes both NVIDIA and scalpers look even more stupid.