Forum user Jrelvas had reported Roblox using a new 64-bit client that has Byfron implemented. With this new client, Wine users are met with the message, “Wine is not supported.” Think you can use a VM? Think again – “You have been kicked due to unexpected client behavior.” The original poster thought the lack of Wine was unintentional.

But MrEaker from the Roblox staff replied:

Unfortunately this block was intentional. With the Windows 64-bit client launch we made the conscious decision to block the use of Wine. We came to this decision due to a combination of security and compatibility concerns. As a Linux user I am sure you understand the challenges of the Windows ecosystem. Wine is not officially supported but we are committed to working towards compatibility where possible. Unfortunately, I cannot provide a specific timeline for this support. However, I assure you that it remains a priority for our team.

Naturally, the subsequent posts following that response shows frustration and sadness. This not only prevents Linux desktop users from playing the game; anyone who uses a Steam Deck also won’t be able to run it. MrEaker mentioned “we are committed to working towards compatibility where possible,” but another person from the Roblox staff more recently said, “From a technical and philosophical perspective, it would be a wonderful thing to do. But our first responsibility is to our overall community, and the opportunity cost of supporting a Linux client is far, far too high to justify.”

Guess you’ll have to look into alternatives.

Cover image credit: Jrelvas

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