Rare, the Linux frontend for the Epic Games Store, has now reached a stable 1.9.0 release following a few release candidates. Codenamed “Magnolia Catnip,” this update contains over 50 pull requests and as a result packs quite a few new features, UI enhancements, and bug fixes. Here’s just a few of the changes:

  • games are now run as a second process; this will keep them running should Rare close
  • desktop shortcuts are now a thing
  • kinetic scrolling for touch devices (Steam Deck, anyone?)
  • MangoHUD customizations
  • optimizations, bug fixes, and support for “poetry”

See the patch notes on GitHub. Grab the AppImage or .deb file from there, install it via the AUR if you’re on Arch, or get the Flatpak if you’re on Steam Deck.