We’ve got a sweet new release for the excellent ProtonUp-Qt app, for managing all of your compatibility tools for Steam, Lutris, and more.

When viewing your game list, you can now check the ProtonDB ranking with the simple click of a button. Super convenient!

ProtonUp-Qt ProtonDB ratings

NorthstarProton and Steam-Play-None have been added as compatibility tools. The former is “a Proton build based on TKG’s Proton-tkg build system to run the Northstar client on Linux and SteamDeck, along with some enhancements out-of-the-box.” It’s basically the runner for Titanfall 2. The latter forces games with native clients to use said client, even if Valve recommends Proton.

ProtonUp-Qt Northstar-Proton

ProtonUp-Qt Steam-Play-None

For Lutris, you can now install D8VK and VKD3D-Proton.

ProtonUp-Qt D8VK

ProtonUp-Qt vkd3d-proton

If you don’t have an Internet connection, there will be an indicator. Or, at least there should be. I tested this and the window just says “Fetching releases…”

Finally, game list display should now work with the Flatpak version of Steam and after a recent Steam update.

Important: in order to see the new compatibility tools, you will need to check off “Enable advanced mode” from the About window!

About ProtonUp-Qt

Special thanks to sonic2kk – who is also a SteamTinkerLaunch contributor – for making this release possible.

See the patch notes and download on GitHub.

WARNING: LGC will be shutting down March 7, 2024. See this post for more details.