Shortly after the release of Proton 8.0-1 comes an update Proton Experimental – and this one looks like pretty big. Not only are several titles – including Propnight, the Bloodrayne Terminal Cut series, and Olympia Rising – now playable, but many fixes have made it in. Video playback has been fixed in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Nioh: Complete Edition, and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Fixes have also made it in for DC Universe Online, Pentiment, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Witcher 3, Life is Strange Remastered, and a few others.

Additionally, DXVK and VKD3D-Proton have been updated “to include latest development work”, and evidently we have some disk space savings, since the file distribution method has been updated.

Full patch notes are as follows.

Now playable:

  • Propnight
  • Combat Mission Battle for Normandy
  • Bloodrayne Terminal Cut 1/2
  • Breakout 13
  • Murasaki Tsurugi
  • PooShooter: Toilet Invaders
  • Purgo Box
  • Olympia Rising
  • Summoners War: Chronicles


  • Fixed various Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty issues around video playback.
  • Fixed game launcher DC Universe Online.
  • Fixed audio controls and spatialization in VRChat with AVPro.
  • Fixed the key presses registering weirdly in Wild Hearts.
  • Fixed video playback in Nioh: Complete Edition.
  • Fixed Pentiment not being playable on desktop.
  • Fixed cutscene desync in Immortals Fenyx Rising.
  • Fixed Witcher 3 launcher rendering issues.
  • Fixed Call of Duty: Black Ops III graphical glitches when loading Hex Tower.
  • Fixed video playback speed issues in METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN.
  • Fixed Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut hanging on exit.
  • Fixed connection error at the end of Chapter 2 in Life is Strange Remastered.
  • Fixed EOS error message with Returnal and other EOS games.
  • Fixed intermittent hangs with Prototype.


  • Updated file distribution method to save disk space.
  • Updated dxvk to include the latest development work.
  • Updated vkd3d-proton to include the latest development work.

Patch notes can also be read on GitHub.

Cover image credit: Climax Studios/PlayStation PC LLC