Quite a number of fixes in today’s Proton Experimental update. HDR is now available “on capable hardware,” including the Steam Deck OLED, for Mass Effect Legendary Edition and Injustice 2. A few regressions from Proton 8 were fixed, including the cursor desync when toggling fullscreen in The Binding of Isaac, and improved load times for Final Fantasy XIII-2. More memory leaks have been fixed with the FFXIV launcher. Multiplayer in Dirt Rally has been fixed.

Some fixes for other titles include Melty Blood: Type Lumina multiplayer, The Last of Us: Part I, L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files, GTA V R.E.A.L. mod, and Injustice 2.

See the patch notes on GitHub.

WARNING: LGC will be shutting down March 7, 2024. See this post for more details.