Yesterday’s Proton Experimental update mostly focuses on bug fixes. But in addition to game-specific fixes, we’ve got support for another game: 雀姬 (Mahjong ladies) – which, I believe, points to an anime board game. Hidraw has been enabled for Simucube racing wheels and Fanatec pedals. In case you’re not aware, hidraw “provides a raw interface to USB and Bluetooth Human Interface Devices (HIDs)” and is “useful for communicating with non-conformant HID devices which send and receive data in a way that is inconsistent with their report descriptors.”

Everything else in this update is related to bug fixes:

  • fix Zeepkist freezing when using controller
  • fix Microsoft Flight Simulator crashing during longer flights
  • fix Vampire Survivors crashing on SteamOS 3.4
  • fix Sackboy: A Big Adventure failing to start the first time it’s launched
  • fix Marvel Snap not being able connect to online services
  • fix video playback speed/stutter in METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN
  • fix Halo Infinite intro video playing in a wrong language

See the patch notes on GitHub.