Proton 7.0-5 is now available as a release candidate. Included in this update are 15 newly playable titles:

Several bugs have been fixed:

Network video support was added to The Good Life and VRChat. DXVK was updated to v1.10.3-28-ge3daa699.

To opt-in to this build, you’ll need to enable the visibility of Proton 7.0 in your Steam library (check off “Tools” in the dropdown menu on the top-left). Right-click it and go to Properties, go to the “Betas” tab, then select release-candidate from the dropdown menu.

Opt-in to release-candidate branch for Proton

Please keep in mind the release candidate thread is limited to issues specific to this release candidate. Also, the changelog is tentative, as it may change before the final release.

In other news, Cyperpunk 2077 got a performance hotfix for the Deck.

Cover image credit: Circle Five Studios