Good stuff just keeps on coming to the anime rhythm game. Update 0.16 gets plenty of features and bug fixes, ranging from an updated audio engine to support of the songs from Project DIVA Mega Mix+. Here’s the list of updates:

  • new song: Confession, by Takanashi Koubou
  • updated audio engine, which “achieves higher levels of memory safety and performance while using less memory” (should produce a 10% improvement in memory consumption and faster loading times, maybe this will increase the Deck’s battery life as well?). There’s also “much faster audio normalizations”
  • you can now load the full song list from Mega Mix+, provided that you have a copy of the game. Useful for playing MegaMix+ songs on Deck for improved battery life (since Mega Mix+ itself is more demanding with 3D animations and such)
  • new streamer mode
  • improved audio downloader
  • a crying Aiko appears when you get a game over
  • other smaller improvements and bug fixes

See the patch notes on Steam. Get the game for $12. Available natively on Linux!

Cover image credit: Project Heartbeat developer