Just a few days ago, Valve released the Portal series to the Nintendo Switch, known as Portal: Companion Collection. It didn’t take long for dataminers to discover new, unreleased beta content that never showed up in the final product as a result of this port. From Ossy Flawol’s YouTube video, it appears there are at least nine beta maps from Portal 2. The video then goes on to show these maps as Chell explores them. A lot of them have less overall detail from the complete level that you actually see in-game, others are tests for the different types of cubes available.

Nonetheless, these are some pretty fascinating discoveries, and I imagine more and more details will be found as time goes on. Someone’s already got Half-Life 2 running on the Switch via the original Portal. All of this being said, though, don’t expect Portal 3 anytime soon.

Cover image credit: Ossy Flawol