In an effort to be as transparent with the community as possible, I wanted to inform you all that earlier today I had incorporated Plausible Analytics. This is an open-source alternative to Google Analytics that respects both your privacy and mine.

The purpose for the analytics is twofold:

  1. I can see what articles get the most clicks and therefore allows me to determine what type of articles I should prioritize. It also allows me to see from what source the most traffic is coming from (which, at the moment, is Reddit) and use that platform to advertise my articles.
  2. Sharing web page statistics will be important to those who I ask a game review key for, and later on for getting laptops or other review hardware. Companies will be hesitant to respond if I don’t give them numbers.

Here’s a screenshot of the stats that you can see at a glance:

plausible LGC stats

I can see at what time LGC gets peak traffic, where it’s coming from, what pages get the most views and the average time spent on each, where the visitors are coming from, what browser they’re using, the operating system, and whether they’re on desktop, mobile, or laptop. Based on the stats so far today I can conclude:

  • Peak traffic time is close to 6 PM EST
  • Majority of traffic comes from Reddit
  • The post about the new desktop from System76 has received the most attention and average time spent on the page is 8 minutes and 41 seconds
  • Most visitors are from the US
  • Most are viewing the site on desktop and mobile, with Firefox being the #1 browser
  • Ubuntu and Android are the top operating systems

Obviously with it being the weekend and LGC still new, the overall traffic isn’t a lot, but I’m hoping within a few months traffic will multiply three or four times over.

Now, if all this info that’s available to me disturbs you, chances are your ad blocker will already have this tracker blocked (I have personally tested and can confirm Ublock Origin blocks this). But I please ask everyone reading this a favor and keep your ad blocker off for this site. The data is not being collected for financial or privacy gain; as I mentioned before, it helps me to prioritize what should get posted on the site, where I should advertise the articles, as well as give important data for game publishers and hardware companies so that I can prove to them LGC is a site worth giving a review unit for.

I do not intend to place ads anywhere on the site. I want to give readers a pleasant and fast experience browsing the site. That being said, I’m not barring anyone from using their ad blocker here for those who may be paranoid. Not that I think anyone will go this far, but you’re also more than welcome to fork the website source code, get rid of the analytics, and host your version of the site somewhere else. That’s yet another beauty of LGC being FOSS.