A bit of sad news. NVIDIA is apparently shutting down its GameStream service sometime in February next year. Despite all the crap I give to NVIDIA, their GameStream service is excellent. It arguably has the best streaming quality with the least amount of latency, and even though the company essentially locks the service behind GeForce Experience, the community has come up with open-source alternatives – such as Sunshine – to get the host to run outside of Windows and NVIDIA GPUs.

No word was given as to why it’s being shut down. I can only guess that the green giant is probably trying to prioritize other features over something that perhaps didn’t generate much revenue for them. The service has been around for close to 10 years. Hopefully, we can still make use of NVIDIA’s technology with Sunshine/Moonlight after it gets discontinued. You can see my guide if you want to get that set up (the guide is specific for the Deck, but you can use any computer as the host).