Steam Deck

  • On the desktop, users can now get an alert on the Steam client when their pre-order is ready to purchase
  • It won’t be long before we reach the 2,000 mark for Steam Deck verified/playable titles. So far we’ve got over 1,700
  • It seems Bandai Namco is the company that has the most Deck verified/playable titles out of any other publisher. They have 20 at the time of writing this
  • The Steam Deck client got an update with bug fixes, performance improvements across the Steam store, and new features
  • Discord Overlay now works on the Deck
  • Users can now report whether a game was correctly verified or not. They can also personally add feedback to games they play to help assist with the growth of Steam Deck Verified/Playable titles


Software Releases/Spotlights

  • Godot 3 has recently been updated to 3.4.4, which mostly adds bug fixes
  • RetroArch 1.10.2 is out with a bunch of new stuff added
  • Interested in an open-source minigolf game? Try Open Golf
  • Need an open-source Twitter app? Try ModernDeck. Thanks to Jason from Linux For Everyone for bringing this to my attention
  • Native Linux titles released on Steam this week include Toziuha Night: Dracula’s Revenge (seems very akin to Castlevania), Jump Challenge!, Officer Management 101, Fire on Fight (looks similar to Call of Duty), and a few others
  • There’s an unofficial PC port of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This includes with it keyboard support, ultrawide resolution support, modding support, gyroscopic aiming, and HD graphics. The number of days it has will likely be not many before Nintendo shuts the project down
  • Linux Mint Debian Edition version 5 was released
  • NVIDIA driver version 510.60.02 was released that adds support for new GPUs and adds a few bug fixes
  • GNOME finally got a dark theme with version 42
  • Proton Experimental was updated yesterday with more compatible games, bug fixes, and vkd3d-proton was updated to v2.6
  • Wine 7.5 was released with the typical set of bug fixes and other features added


Cover image credit: OMG! Ubuntu!