Was hoping to get this out yesterday but time flies. Hope a day late isn’t going to bother anyone.


  • Steam Deck-related

  • Scoot Larson – a computer repair and data recovery service technician – recently blogged about the increasingly anti-consumer nature that is Windows 11 and made the switch to Linux. To Pop!_OS in particular. Interesting read there as far as how his journey went.

  • It’s possible to play DOOM on a $4 Raspberry Pi Pico

  • Several new native Linux titles are added to the Steam store every week. Check the post from Boiling Steam to learn more. A few games include Pompom, Halftime Heroes, and Billiards of the Round Table

  • Google is working on building a Windows emulator from the ground up for Linux for their Stadia tech

  • After years of rumors, Steam for ChromeOS is finally coming. Chromebooks that will have the initial support include a few Acer, ASUS, HP, and a few other devices

  • Asahi Linux – a distro that supports Apple’s M1 chipset – has released it’s first alpha. Asahi Linux is a customized version of Arch Linux ARM with the Plasma desktop environment. Some things don’t work just yet, including the DisplayPort, webcam, Bluetooth, GPU acceleration, and a few others

  • I had written a review of the Kudu laptop by System76 over on Boiling Steam. This powerful laptop ships with Pop!_OS 21.10 and comes with a Ryzen 9 5900HX and a RTX 3060, with 16 GB RAM

  • Apex Legends apparently stopped working on Proton/the Deck, but now it’s working again

  • The Linux and Mac ports for Psychonauts 2 are still coming

  • AMD’s FSR will soon be upgraded to version 2.0

Software Updates/Releases

  • Iris 1.2.2 was released for Minecraft. Iris enhances the graphical fidelity of the game. v1.2.2 fixes a low performance regression, updates two translations, and contains a few other bug fixes

  • A project that’s been in the works for quite a while now, but something I still wanted to highlight, is a game called Liblast (short for Libre Blast). It’s a FOSS 3D FPS created with Godot 4

  • Recalbox – an emulation-oriented distro for Odroid, Raspberry Pi, and other devices – was updated to 8.1-Beta10. This release provides a bunch of bug fixes

  • Bottles has been updated to 2022.3.14-trento. This brings MangoHUD support, experimental support for Steam Proton prefixes, support for GE-Proton runners, improvements to the Wine backend, and plenty of other features and bug fixes

  • MineClone 2 – a survival game for MineTest – has recently been updated to 0.72.0. It’s been over a year since the last release, but unfortunately I’m not able to find what’s new with this release

  • Rare – an alternative to the Heroic Games Launcher, written in Python – was updated to 1.8.8. This release includes Discord real-time presence (RPC), fixes to the launcher crashing, fixes to color schemes, as well as a few other bug fixes rare launcher Image credit: Rare on GitHub

  • Lakka – a distro which transforms a computer into a retro emulation console, similar to Recalbox – was updated to v4.0. This upgrades the Mesa drivers, RetroArch, the mainline kernel, the Raspberry Pi kernel/firmware, and LibreELEC. New libretro cores were added: sameduck and superbroswar. There’s a few other changes as well

  • Lapce – a “lightning-fast and powerful code editor” – has been updated to v0.0.11. This brings the new Code Lens feature, and also supports multiple cursors

  • Wine 7.4 was released. This sets the light theme as the default theme, converted WineD3D, D3d12, and DXGI modules, bug fixes, a bundled vkd3d library, and large scale cleanups to support ’long’ type

  • GE-Proton7-10 was released. This upgrades wine, dxvk, and vkd3d-proton. It also adds video support for Nioh 2 and Persona 5 Strikers

I know for a fact there’s some other news that I missed, but I just wanted to cover the more interesting topics.

Cover image courtesy of Chubimon.