Software Updates

  • ChimeraOS 32 was released this week, adding the usual software upgrades, fixes for Aya Neo, and improvements to certain areas
  • openrazer – a collection of Linux drivers for various Razer peripherals – version 3.3.0 released, adding support for a plethora of new devices, improvements to the software, and a collection of bug fixes
  • EndeavourOS, based on Arch, has received the “Apollo” release. This adds new features and bug fixes during the installation process, as well as after the system is installed. It also includes a new window manager called Worm
  • Splitgate, a FPS with native Linux support, recently got an update that improves matchmaking
  • Box86/Box64 just got updated to 0.1.8, adds a ton of improvements and bug fixes. Also supposedly allows Steam and Steam Play to run on ARM-based platforms


  • Pinebuds are a thing, more info to come next month
  • The Byte by Star Labs is their first desktop unit and comes with a Ryzen processor
  • The Tensorbook by Lambda and Razer is a powerful deep learning laptop with Ubuntu, an RTX 3080, 16 GB VRAM, i7-11800H, 64 GB DDR4, 2 TB NVMe, and a 165 Hz/1440p screen

Steam Deck


  • MPR – play Metroid Prime in HD with this mod (need to use Wine for now). Got a video recording on YouTube as well

mpr in action


  • Record desktop videos while keeping your CPU usage down with GPU Screen Recorder (NVIDIA only for now)
  • Games that are now playable through Proton are New World and Back 4 Blood
  • Like the Budgie DE? Have a look at the project’s upcoming plans with workshops coming later this month
  • Can’t play Halo: MCC anymore? That’s because of new anti-cheat files put in the game. Just delete the easyanticheat folder (or remove the file inside) and you should be able to play the game offline again. It’s a sign that 343 may be adding Proton/Steam Deck support for multiplayer soon!
  • Google details why virtual machines are used to play Steam games on ChromeOS
  • Ubuntu market share in the Linux gaming world is plummeting. Good for people recognizing the controversy that is Canonical

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