Well, actually there isn’t anything too interesting going on with this release. Kernel 5.19 is going to be the more exciting kernel to look forward to. At any rate, there’s still some goodies with kernel 5.18, particularly for Intel and AMD CPUs. Here’s some of the highlights:

  • Alder Lake N support
  • better RISC-V support
  • NVIDIA Tegra video decode driver
  • AMD sound driver support for some of its upcoming products
  • Tesla full self-driving SoC support
  • improved Hyper-V support
  • trailing dot file path support on exFAT partitions
  • initial Apple NVMe driver support
  • Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W support
  • Intel Software Defined Silicon driver support
  • support for the Razer BlackWidow keyboard
  • freesync enabled by default
  • support for more wireless LAN cards

This is just a small list though, check out the article on Phoronix for more details.

Cover image credit: razerzone.com