Steam Deck

Native Linux Games

Software Updates

  • Cemu 2.0-1 sees “lots of smaller Linux improvements,” although what exactly has been improved isn’t detailed
  • Proton Experimental adds support for Deathsmiles II and Primal Carnage: Extinction, also fixes a crash pertaining to Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Rare 1.9.0-rc.2 fixes “many errors”
  • Wine 7.17 adds “work towards Wow64 support in the Vulkan driver.” Looks like a few bug fixes have been added to Vanguard


  • want to sync save files for games that don’t support Steam Cloud? Try Syncthing
  • Steam Deck Checker has a guide on how to stream your Xbox to your Deck


  • the developers of the Bottles application did a talk at the Linux App Summit and how they’re planning on improving the efficiency of the application

Cover image credit: Jimmy Shum