Steam Deck

Native Linux Games


  • System76 unveils a rebranded Thelio desktop with swappable front accents. If all goes well I should be getting a review unit sometime next week

Software Updates

  • SteamTinkerLaunch 11.11 brings Deck improvements along with several bug fixes
  • Steam desktop client improves Vulkan video capture and reduces network usage on startup
  • ChimeraOS 35 adds GNOME desktop, fixes for a few handheld PCs, and basic update notifications on the Deck UI
  • Proton Experimental 9.20.2022 enables NVAPI support for many titles, including CyberPunk 2077
  • Rare 1.9.0 adds plenty of fixes
  • NVIDIA driver 515.76 adds a few fixes
  • Mesa 22.2 adds better Intel Arc support, ray tracing improvements, Vulkan improvements for vkd3d-proton, RDNA3 support, etc.
  • Minigalaxy 1.2.0 adds plenty of fixes. 1.2.1 adds even more
  • GNOME 43 adds a Quick Settings menu along with plenty of other enhancements
  • Firefox 105 adds better Linux performance under memory pressure
  • Wine 7.18 adds Wow64 support in the Mac OS driver

Cover image credit: sharkwouter