Steam Deck

  • stable client update adds QR code login, updated Big Picture video, and tons of fixes
  • the TDP isn’t accurate
  • I reviewed the JSAUX case – it’s quite nice
  • GOL has a guide on fixing the EA app


Native Games

  • Portal series gets DXVK 2.0 upgrade – likely in preparation for the RTX reshade

Software Updates

  • Proton Experimental 2022.11.16 adds support for two new games and adds fixes for others
  • Cemu 2.0-16 adds online features to Linux. 2.0-17 saves 10.7 MB of “useless debug info,” fixes two if statements, fixes checking space using non-existing folder, downloads BOSS files if they’re not present, and implements CPU/RAM overlay
  • Bottles 2022.11.14 adds QoL improvements and fixes
  • WinesapOS 3.2.0 RC adds Prism Launcher and improves Xbox controller support
  • ProtonUp-Qt 2.7.5 adds STL improvements, flatpak improvements, adds traditional Chinese translation, and “various small changes” to enhance the experience of the app
  • Unreal Engine 5.1 adds plenty of Linux-specific features and fixes
  • Godot 4 gets Movie Maker mode
  • box64 0.2.0 updates to DXVK 2.0 and plenty of other changes


Cover image credit: Godot