Steam Deck

Native Linux Games

  • Kalevania might be worth looking into if you like retro side-scrollers


  • Lemur Pro laptop by System76 gets a refresh with 13th-gen CPUs and DDR5 memory
  • NVIDIA to launch the 4060/4060 Ti on May 24th, prices start at $300

Software Updates

  • VKD3D-Proton 2.9 reduces RAM requirements on first-time setup, along with many other performance improvements
  • Proton Experimental 5.17.2023 fixes memory leak with Street Fighter 6, adds compatibility to Super Bomberman R
  • Project+ 2.4 adds new stages and costumes
  • Lutris 0.5.13 adds support for Proton and Battle.NET
  • Steam desktop client (beta) improves performance with NVIDIA GPUs