Steam Deck

  • I’m getting some skins for review. Should be getting them sometime next week. I may also be getting the DeckMate accessory for review as well. Good times ahead!
  • if you haven’t already, subscribe to my YouTube channel, as I will daily be posting a different game being played on Deck
  • SDHQ has a Crankshaft plugin in which you can easily check SDHQ ratings for games that have been reviewed
  • capture footage with Recapture. No need to buy a capture card
  • SteamOS 3.4 finally removes Firefox from the base image and now uses the Flatpak version
  • temperature notification added along with several bug fixes in new beta client update
  • if you currently have a reservation that you’re still waiting on, you should now be getting your unit this year
  • there’s an unofficial repo containing info about SteamOS

Linux Hardware

  • I did a review of the Launch Lite keyboard by System76. Short version: it’s a fantastic keyboard

Native Linux Games


  • want to use mods on MultiVersus? Here’s how

Software Updates

  • GE-Proton 7-28 disables video playback for Halo Infinite and adds a Protonfix for Super Naughty Maid 2
  • Proton Experimental update enables Unravel 2 and Zuma’s Revenge, also fixes hanging on black screen with OUTRIDERS on Deck
  • Bottles 2022.7.28-brescia adds several translations, bug fixes, and minor UI improvements
  • the Godot Engine is making great progress and is looking like we’ll see the first beta for 4.0 in September


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