Steam Deck

Linux Hardware

  • I have a Launch Lite review unit with which I am typing this post; review coming soon. I did an unboxing video
  • Oryx Pro laptops from System76 have been refreshed; now feature Alder Lake processors and RTX 3070/3080 Ti. Review unit coming in August!
  • Musk is apparently testing Steam on Teslas

Linux Games

Software Updates

  • GE-Proton7-26 fixes a regression for Halo Infinite
  • Heroic Games Launcher 2.4.0 Beta 2 adds GOG cloud saves, Epic overlay, EAC runtime, and plenty of other features and improvements. The stable 2.3.10 gets a few hotfixes
  • Wine 7.13 updates the Gecko engine, converts the USB driver to PE, brings theming improvements, and fixes 16 bugs
  • NVIDIA Vulkan Beta Driver 515.49.10 adds a few fixes
  • GOverlay 0.9 adds some new features to MangoHUD and adds a few fixes
  • GameMode 1.7 adds a new utility and fixes various bugs


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