Steam Deck


Software Updates

  • WinesapOS 3.3.0 adds support for the Deck, upgrades the kernel to 6.1
  • Proton 8.0.3 adds compatibility to 16 new games and fixes over 30 bugs
  • Proton Experimental 7.21.2023 fixes Battle.NET and Resident Evil 4 (2005)
  • GE-Proton 8-7 brings FSR back, fixes Neptunia Re;Birth series. A few hotfixes syncs Proton-Wine and DXVK with upstream and adds the missing normal Proton-packaged Gecko and Mono
  • Wine 8.13 adds fixes for LoL, Fallout 3, Steam, and plenty of other games
  • Wine stable 8.0.2 fixes Hogwarts Legacy and Battle.NET
  • NVIDIA driver 535.86.05 fixes stuff
  • Steam desktop (beta) 7.18.2023 allows you to see Deck verification status


Cover image credit: Nicolas ‘NykO18’ Grevet, David ‘Kralich’ Driver-Gomm