Steam Deck

  • Monday’s Deck client beta adds up and down arrow keys to the OSK, and pinned notifications for various items
  • Thursday’s Deck client beta fixes non-responsive non-Steam games when the OSK is brought up. Important: Valve is copy/pasting the patch notes from the desktop client, so not everything in the patch note list for the Deck may be true!
  • Gardiner Bryant says that the Deck needs “a title that takes full advantage of the…hardware”. I agree; highly recommend giving his article a read
  • The Division 2 gets a hotfix that should allow the game to be playable now


Native Games

  • I wrote down some quick thoughts regarding the Smash-like Fraymakers – it’s both good and bad
  • I also wrote a review on Sonority – a puzzle game where you can only progress in the game by playing the right notes on a flute

Software Updates

  • Wine 8.0-rc5 fixes nine bugs, improves OpenGL perf with Dark Souls Remastered. rc-4 fixed 25 bugs and increases rendering speed on external monitors
  • GE-Proton 7-44 adds HDR patches, adds launcher workaround for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. Several releases followed shortly thereafter. Important: please upgrade to 7-47 to fix DXVK “invalid state cache files”!
  • NVIDIA driver 528.85.05 gets a few fixes


Cover image credit: Ubisoft