Steam Deck




  • did an interview with an Ubuntu kernel developer. Highly recommend giving it a read if you haven’t already; it’s very candid and open


Software Updates

  • SteamTinkerLaunch v12 is massive, gets tons of Steam Deck improvements and initial support for Hedge Mod Manager
  • ProtonUp-Qt 2.7.7 adds two new compatibility tools, and you can check ProtonDB rankings for your games
  • Proton Experimental 12.21.2022 allows the next-gen upgrade for The Witcher 3 to run, improved steering wheel support
  • Proton 7.0-6rc adds compatibility to eight new titles, fixes 20 bugs
  • GE-Proton 7-43 fixes audio issues with Immortals: Fenyx Rising, enables hairworks on The Witcher 3 (although from what I’ve been told hairworks still apparently works without this)
  • Wine 8.0-rc2 fixes 50 bugs, many of which pertain to specific games
  • NVIDIA beta Vulkan driver adds support for the 4k series cards
  • Mesa 23 enables Vulkan mesh shaders for AMD’s 6k series
  • Manjaro 22 gets kernel 6.1 support

Cover image credit: Ikey Doherty (no, he’s not related to me; the spelling of the last name is different)