Steam Deck

Software Updates

  • ChimeraOS 34 improves handheld gamepad support along with plenty of bug fixes. Works pretty well on Deck!
  • Heroic Games Launcher 2.4.0 adds GOG cloud save support and games can be added as non-Steam shortcuts
  • SteamTinkerLaunch 11 adds Flatpak support along with a host of other features and changes
  • Yuzu finally gets an easy installer for Linux, just like with their Windows version
  • Wine 7.15 adds RSA encryption, command lists in Direct2D, and fixes 22 bugs
  • glibc 2.36-2 fixes EAC! The previous version broke it

Native Steam Games

Non-native Games

  • XEL is an okay Zelda-like ARPG, but has quite a few issues that keep it from being enjoyable


  • Discord server now live. I’m looking into bridging it with the Matrix channel

Cover image credit: Yuzu developers