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Software Updates

  • GE-Proton7-30 adds Amazon Games compatibility and Protonfix for Flatout Ultimate Carnage
  • Cemu 2.0 goes open-source, also available for Linux
  • Proton Experimental fixes OpenXR compatibility with Blacktop Hoops and mitigates GTA V having issues while loading textures
  • ProtonUp-Qt 2.7.2 shows anti-cheat runtimes and fixes a startup bug
  • NVIDIA Vulkan beta driver 515.49.14 does some crap
  • CrossOver 22 comes with an updated interface, along with plenty of other goodies
  • Lutris 0.5.11 adds Amazon Games integration and Flatpak support
  • Firefox 104 adds minor improvements


  • new Switch games can now apparently be protected with Denuvo
  • Humble Bundle having a summer sale till September 6th
  • Liam Dawe got interviewed by Brodie from Tech Over Tea

Cover image credit: Humble Bundle