Steam Deck

Software Updates (Wine, Bottles, MangoHUD, FNA, Ryujinx, etc)

  • Wine updated to 7.8 with plenty of bug fixes, X11 and OSS drivers converted to PE, and a few other features
  • Bottles gets an update with a crashing bug fix. Also, the developers are now apparently GNOME Foundation members
  • MangoHUD v0.6.7 comes with bug fixes and new features, including battery/connection status for supported gamepads
  • Tails 5.0 upgrades to Debian 11 packages and adds Kleopatra
  • Kdenlive 22.04 adds stability, polishing, and UI enhancements
  • Firefox 100 apparently hides scrollbars by default
  • FNA 22.05 updates FNA3D, FAudio, and SDL, while also adding a few bug fixes
  • Ryujinx 1.1.112 adds ARCropolis/Skyline support

Native Linux Games


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WARNING: LGC will be shutting down March 7, 2024. See this post for more details.