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Steam Deck

Software Updates

  • Proton 7.0-2 released, adds tons of new compatible games and almost hundreds of bug fixes
  • Proton Experimental has been updated with newly playable titles, improved steering wheel detection, and a few game-specific bug fixes
  • GE-Proton7-15 released just a day after that enables Fall Guys to run and adds video playback to several titles
  • Wine 7.7 released with “more progress on the PE conversion of the X11 and OSS drivers,” bug fixes, theming support, and more
  • ProtonUp-Qt has been updated to 2.6.1. This adds support for the Flatpak version of the Heroic Games launcher and adds a tool description to install dialog. I have a guide on using ProtonUp-Qt here
  • Lutris improves the Steam Deck experience with better Flatpak support
  • A new character has been added to the Skullgirls cast: Umbrella


  • Not necessarily related to Linux, but let’s get a petition going for Portal 3. Eric Wolpaw, writer for several of Valve’s titles, says “we should just do it”
  • The Framework laptop is now open-source

Cover image credit: GamingOnLinux