Steam Deck

  • Japan gets retail units
  • Project M player? Here’s a guide for getting Project M EX Remix running


Software Updates

  • Proton Experimental 4.20.2023 saves disk space, fixes 14 bugs, adds compatibilty to nine new titles
  • Proton 8.0.1 upgrades Wine to 8.0, fixes 17 bugs, adds compatibility to many more titles
  • Wine 8.0.1 fixes three dozen bugs, improves Mac OS Ventura support
  • Fedora 38 includes GNOME 44 and improvements to sysadmin
  • Ubuntu 23.04 includes a new installer, GNOME 44, a stable Steam snap, and plenty of other features/fixes
  • Proton hotfix fixes Minecraft Legends
  • Lutris 0.5.13 beta 2 adds support for Proton, drag n’ drop functionality, ModDB links, integration, Battle.NET integration, performance improvements, and plenty of other features/fixes


Cover image credit: Respawn Entertainment/EA