If you’re not familiar with ARCropolis, it’s “a modding framework for loading and managing community-made mods and plugins,” while making use of the Skyline on-the-fly patcher. Primarily this is for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but who knows, it could work for other games down the road.

Previously, making use of a mod or testing it required putting it on a hacked Switch. Now that ARCropolis and Skyline have been merged with the mainline Ryujinx build as of version 1.1.112, a lot of time can be saved testing new mods. Users no longer have to constantly transfer files to and from their MicroSD card, putting it into the Switch, putting the Switch in recovery mode, launching custom firmware, then launch the game from there. Now they can just download the mods to their PC and launch Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with Ryujinx. If you want to use the Vulkan backend, that’s also possible with the Vulkan pull request. Keep in mind that the Ryujinx team mentions: “We encourage users to always confirm and test via Nintendo Switch hardware first if something doesn’t quite work first-try.”

Interested in trying this out yourself? Follow the guide over at GameBanana to get started. The tutorial is pertinent to Windows users, however; let me know if you guys want a Linux version!

Cover image credit: Miguel92398 from GameBanana

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