Looks like we’re starting off a pretty strong week. Two titles have either received a Linux version or will be in the near future, and two titles have received Steam Deck support. Psychonauts 2 should be releasing on Linux later this week too if everything goes according to plan.

Swordbreaker: Origins now has a native Linux version, and along with the update came a few fixes. Casebook 1899 is an upcoming point-and-click mystery adventure; the demo will come on May 31 with native Linux support. The full game will have Linux support as well.

As for Steam Deck support, Growbot already has native Linux support, but in Friday’s update, the game is more optimized for the Steam Deck’s controls. Serious Sam 4 also received Steam Deck support, although the game is run through Proton.

I guess the Steam Deck really has kicked off getting more and more developers on board with supporting it, just like James Ramey, president of CodeWeavers had predicted!

Cover image credit: store.steampowered.com/news/app/1080700/view/3183494090259365692