Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl (NASB), the game that closely follows the trails of Super Smash Bros. as far as fighting mechanics go, has received an update today. When I had reviewed the game on Boiling Steam back in October, I had a few complaints regarding the character selection screen resetting after leaving the Rules menu and no timer for those who are away from their keyboard when matchmaking online.

Fortunately for us, those issues have finally been fixed. No longer do you have to wait indefinitely for someone who’s not even sitting at their desk, and you don’t have to select the same characters again when changing the rules. If the timer is up, a character and a stage will be selected at random.

Besides those, there are also some other quality-of-life fixes, including:

  • local multiplayer in Training mode
  • CPU-only battles are now possible
  • Timer added to Arcade mode – useful for speedrunners
  • stage collision improvements
  • UI tweaks and proper adaption with different screen aspect ratios
  • a more stable online experience, thanks to improvements to rollback netcode handlers

There’s also a wide range of character-specific balance changes, better rock-paper-scissors results, reduced jankiness of animations during certain dashdance movements, and a few other changes. See the full patch notes on Steam.

Crossplay is planned sometime this year (on the Discord #announcements channel they say sometime in Q1 of this year, but I doubt that will happen as we’re already at the halfway point in March, pretty much). More characters and stages are in the works as well. Also, in case you didn’t already know, NASB is among one of the many Steam Deck Verified games.

Cover image courtesy of GameMill Entertainment.