Dulsi (or Dennis Payne), one of the developers of Anagramarama (and one of our recommended FOSS games), has made mention on our Matrix channel that he’s working on another open-source game. It’s called Mojotron: Robot Wars. It’s a twin-stick shooter that has SNES-era graphics, in which you play as a monkey called Mojo. Per the game page:

In 2085, the last of humanity died. The machines had won. Mojo doesn’t know why they continued experimenting on monkeys. All he knows is that he wants it to stop and the robots have given him the ability to do something about it.

mojotron in-game Image credit: Identical Software

The goal is to “survive the waves of enemies.” Trailer is available on YouTube. There’s over 35 levels with 16 different types of enemies. Fruit can be collected as power-ups. Two players can play cooperatively.

The game will be available on both Linux and Windows. Though it will be open-source, the developer would like your support if you like the project. He has a Kickstarter page that will go live on August 6th. There’s also a couple of different T-shirts available to purchase from the developer’s website.

Note: this post is NOT sponsored by the developer. I just want to spread awareness of his game.

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