I try not to get into off-topic posts too often…but I had to make an exception for this.

If you follow me on either Mastodon or Twitter, you might have noticed that once in a great while I post some of my own fanart…drawings of the main protagonist of my favorite TV show, My Life as a Teenage Robot.

Turns out having friends have benefits.

I’m well-acquinted with one of the ChimeraOS developers. We’ve chewed the fat quite a bit…and I’ve helped him out with testing new features of ChimeraOS from time-to-time. We’re both fans of the show I mentioned earlier. And it turns out his wife is an artist…

So I’m ready to hit the hay when I get a “ding” on my phone. I unlock my phone and check my Discord DMs. This is what it was:

Jenny Wakeman from My Life as a Teenage Robot - Fanart (See full-size image on Mastodon)

My favorite character of all time. Stylized a little differently from the show, but it’s a welcome change. Almost kind of like she fits in with the Mario Strikers franchise, with the way she’s sliding across the mud with gloves. Getting a few Mega Man vibes as well with the orange dots and the blue armor. Drawn so well it’s like you couldn’t even tell that it was on paper if it weren’t for the rings on the top.

When I asked him if she made it just for me, he’s like, “Yup 😄.”

And now I’m up at one o’clock in the morning, writing this post rather than going to bed. Because it’s that special to me. Almost feel like shedding a tear right now too. No one has ever done this for me before. It’s a pleasant surprise, especially since I didn’t even ask for it.

Ashley, thank you. You made my night. And my day.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m probably going to be running around like a chicken with its’ head cut off for the next three hours, until all my excitement and energy drains off. She’s gonna be making this into a wallpaper too, so there’s another thing to look forward to…

WARNING: LGC will be shutting down March 7, 2024. See this post for more details.