It’s been over five months since the last stable update to Lutris – a convenient game launcher and manager. The wait has been worth it though, as we’ve got quite a lot of interesting new features with this update.

First, Proton is now supported. GE-Proton is used by default. But keep in mind “it is still recommended to stick with the builds provided by Lutris.”

Users with “very large libraries” will be seeing performance improvements and a more responsive UI, with “loads of other UI improvements!”

ModDB links can be referenced in Lutris installers, and Lutris also has integration with

Some other features:

  • drag n’ drop support on the main window
  • “missing” sidebar option added
  • refreshed UI for several windows
  • banners and cover art now shows platform badges
  • game count now displayed in search bar
  • Battle.NET integration
  • improved detection of DOSBox games on GOG
  • several other minor improvements

See the full patch notes on GitHub.