Lutris – a universal launcher for your Steam games, your Epic games, your emulators, and so much more – version was released today. Included in this release is improved Flatpak functionality; Steam, app and desktop shortcuts will launch with Flatpak when necessary. This is important for such devices as the Steam Deck, as the Steam Deck by default can only run Flatpaks outside of Steam. MangoHUD can now be shown or remain hidden with a simple toggle. Fsync is no longer enabled by default on older kernels.

There are some other minor changes as well, including a fix for the Final Fantasy XIV launcher. Check the full patch notes on GitHub. On that page you can also find a .deb file so you can easily install the app on Debian-based systems. Lutris is also available on the AUR and the official Arch repos. For other distros, head over to the Downloads page on the official Lutris website.

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