Linux Mint version 21, codenamed “Vanessa,” has been released as a beta. Here’s the rundown for what’s new:

  • based on Ubuntu 22.04 and kernel 5.15
  • Blueberry has been replaced with Blueman
  • improved thumbnail support
  • notes can be duplicated with the Sticky Notes application
  • an icon now shows up in the taskbar when there’s an automated task running in the background
  • various improvements to XApps
  • Cinnamon has been upgraded to 5.4, with a major rebase of the Muffin window manager and improved window animations
  • improved Software Sources manageability
  • new wallpapers
  • shutdown timer reduced to ten seconds
  • Snap Store is disabled
  • encrypted home directory is no longer unmounted on logout
  • guest sessions is now disabled by default
  • default touchpad driver is now “libinput” rather than “synaptics”
  • other minor changes and improvements

Keep in mind this version is currently in beta and the Mint team recommends to only use it for testing purposes. Support will continue until 2027.

Check out the blog post for more info.

Cover image credit: Linux Mint Blog