Seems like the voices of outdated packages on SteamOS have finally been reaching Valve’s ears. Firefox was replaced with the Flatpak version a few weeks ago, and now, my acquaintence Luke Short – the creator of WinesapOS – noticed that Valve has been at work rebasing their Neptune kernel from the current 5.13 to 5.19. On Twitter he mentions:

#Valve #SteamOS #SteamDeck is currently working on rebasing their #Linux kernel from 5.13 to 5.19. They were even testing 5.17 at one point. I discovered this last night while I was updating my linux-steamos and mesa-steamos packages on the #AUR. 👀

And indeed that appears to be the case if we look at Valve’s Arch Linux mirror. Looks like Valve was working on adding linux-neptune-519-wip-5.19.0.valve1.wip-2-x86_64 as of a few weeks ago, on July 21.

kernel 5.19 coming to SteamOS soon?

If this is anything to go by, perhaps we could be seeing kernel 5.19 in SteamOS “soon(TM).” I’m wrapping that word in quotes and adding a trademark, because, you know, Valve time. At least we know now it’s a matter of when rather than if. It doesn’t seem like glibc, Plasma, or Mesa has been updated yet, but it’s good to know Valve is at least taking baby steps towards improving the security of the device.