Kernel 5.19 released as stable just a few hours ago. Notable features include further Zen 4 APU support, further support for the Intel DG2/Alchemist GPU, idle driver support for Alder Lake processors, initial support for Raptor Lake P processors, Apple M1 NVMe controller support, and tons of other features/bug fixes/performance improvements. There’s also supposedly performance improvements for the HP Dev One. Linus himself wrote regarding the ARM support for MacBooks:

The most interesting part here is that I did the release (and am writing this) on an arm64 laptop. It’s something I’ve been waiting for for a loong time, and it’s finally reality, thanks to the Asahi team. We’ve had arm64 hardware around running Linux for a long time, but none of it has really been usable as a development platform until now.

Check the three-page-long article from Phoronix to see the rest of the changes made. Hopefully Arch will pick this update up in the next few days.

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