Version 5.25 of the excellent KDE Plasma desktop has shipped today. It probably won’t be long before SteamOS on the Deck gets this update. A brief overview of what’s new with this release would be:

  • an overview effect, which shows all of your open windows and virtual desktops
  • apps, browser tabs, and documents can all be searched with KRunner and the Application Launcher
  • virtual desktops can be added, removed, or renamed
  • new touchpad gestures to open the Overview, switch between virtual desktops, present windows, or activate the Desktop Grid
  • new touchscreen gestures that offer similar functions as the touchpad
  • dynamic theming based on the colors of your desktop background
  • automatic switching between touch mode and desktop mode depending on if a keyboard is attached. Icons on the desktop become larger when in touch mode, making navigation across the desktop easier
  • new customization effects, such as floating panels and blend effects, and shaking the screen when an incorrect password has been entered when logging in
  • redesigned Application page for Discover
  • easier to manage window manager scripts thanks to a rewrite of the KWin scripts settings page
  • Plasma panels can be navigated with a keyboard

The touch mode in particular will definitely come in handy for the Steam Deck.

Check the overview on and a more detailed log on the same site.

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