It was recently brought to my attention that Kalevania – a side-scrolling, pixel platformer (and what looks like a Metroidvania) – was released on Steam earlier this month, and it is available natively on Linux.

The description is as follows:

Kalevania is a retro action platformer loosely based on Finnish mythology. Fight with bare hands, sword, axe, bow, and 12 runic weapons. With 50+ enemy types and collectibles, enjoy a full retro gaming experience! Play as Väinämöinen and relive classic console gaming!

And indeed it does look like a retro platformer, with SNES-style graphics. It also has an original soundtrack composed by Ilari Hannula. The Steam store page claims that the “full retro gaming experience” it delivers sets it apart from other games.

The Steam store page also warns the game can be a “bit of a performance hog” when upscaling, since it uses HTML5. If using a “slower device,” running the game at a lower resolution is recommended.

Kalevania is available on Steam for Linux and Windows for $17.