The PineTime is a smartwatch powered by open-source firmware. One such popular firmware to run on the PineTime is InfiniTime.

This weekend, InfiniTime received a decently-sized update, codenamed “Limeberry”. This update includes a new terminal-themed watchface, the ability to turn Bluetooth on or off with the flip of a switch, improved notifications, improved heartrate measurements, an improved alarm clock, a few bug fixes, and a few other features. In addition, code has been cleaned up and integration with the InfiniSim simulator has been improved.

I definitely do like the new watchface. I have all the info I want at a glance. I can see – in addition to the time – the date, the battery percentage, how many steps I’ve taken (when the Bluetooth actually works), heartrate, and whether the watch is successfully connected to a Bluetooth device. The ability to switch Bluetooth on or off is also a welcome addition, as disabling it can preserve the PineTime’s battery.

Full patch notes are available on GitHub.