10 months in since LGC has been around, and I’m kind of exhausted. I was hoping I could wait until the one-year anniversary in March, but I don’t think I’d be able to make it.

Rarely has a day gone by without me writing at least one post, including holidays and weekends. Sometimes I’ve had to sacrifice time eating, sleeping, or taking a shower just to make sure I have news delivered in a timely manner. It seriously, seriously boggles my mind how people like Liam from GOL and Michael from Phoronix are able to write at their frequency, let alone have the time for it. And they have families to take care of too! I’m just my own man without a wife or kids and only work part-time.

I need some time to de-compress. Actually sit down and drink my coffee properly, without gulping it down (at this point coffee has kind of become like alcohol to me; hopefully I can slow down there). Stare at some waifu art for a few hours while listening to winter ambience. Burn through my backlog of Steam games, which I’ve barely had time for. Buy some new ones and play through those while the Winter Sale is still around. Have some time to lift weights. Actually have the time to cook chicken on the grill without having to resort to gas station food as a quick pick-me-up. Get some house cleaning done.

Don’t get me wrong – I love to write, and I love having a small group of followers who enjoy what I write. However, at times covering reports feels more like a job than it is a hobby. A hobby, which, mind you, I’m not getting paid for, but I’ve explained why I’m not taking money.

As time has gone by though, I have entertained the idea of setting up a Patreon/Liberapay, due to the frequency with which I write. I’m a little hesitant about it though because:

  1. Just about every content creator has some sort of Patreon, and to me, it’s honestly kind of annoying when they try to advertise it, and the last thing I want to do is reciprocate the behavior.
  2. Not that I’m trying to be cynical, but I have a feeling no one would support me. I say this because I’ve seen other content creators produce some seriously good stuff, yet on their Patreon they get one or two supporters max. Which is a little sad, considering all the hard work that they put forth, only to be stomped on by the more popular media outlets.

I don’t know – I might set up a poll on Mastodon, or you can let me know in the comments whether I should monetize my work.

Snowman Image credit: Assignment Expert

As to how long the break will be, I’m not sure. It could be anywhere from a few days, to a week, to two weeks. Hopefully it won’t be any longer than that. On the other hand, knowing myself I will likely get bored after a few days and resume before you know it.

That being said, once I’ve been refreshed there’s tons of content that you can look forward to over the coming months, including but not limited to:

  • game reviews (Fraymakers, Crisis Core remake, Sonority, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Ex-Zodiac, Gotham Knights, Grounded, and maybe some others)
  • interviews – I’m thinking GloriousEggroll and Luke Short
  • JSAUX ModCase for Steam Deck review
  • getting Slippi set up on Steam Deck – video guide. And I might have found a way to overclock the GC adapter on Deck
  • what it’s been like switching from NVIDIA to AMD (GTX 1660 to the 6700 XT)
  • Nobara Project (Fedora spinoff) impressions
  • Vanilla OS impressions
  • an article dedicated to my favorite group of developers…but I’m not going to reveal what it is just yet wink
  • my top games of 2022 – and who knows, I might have some guests involved with that article as well
  • plenty of other stuff that I’m probably forgetting to mention

I’m also trying to keep up with the times – as in, I realize more and more people are consuming media by video form these days. So I’m trying to get more active with my YouTube channel and posting some guides there, as well as other material.

Unless there’s an urgent news report to cover, from now on I will likely not be posting articles on weekends anymore, albeit for the weekly news recap. Traffic is generally slower on the weekends anyway. I’ll probably take the holidays off as well.


  • won’t be writing anything from a few days to a few weeks
  • let me know whether I should set up a Patreon/Liberapay
  • lots of stuff to look forward to when I get back
  • trying to produce more video content
  • probably won’t be posting on weekends or holidays anymore, except for the weekly news recap

To all who have been following me, I thank you for your support. I recently reached over 1,000 followers on Mastodon. I also appreciate the feedback I get on any article that I post, whether it be positive or negative. I’m also noticing that people are noticing the site, meaning they’re more likely to send me a review sample of whatever they’ve got (the GameCube controller probably being the most outstanding example). Here’s to some more great content in 2023!