LGC readers! Just a heads-up. I’ve changed my mind about my website. From now on, I’ll only be talking about Super Smash Bros. Melee. I’m gonna teach you the meanest Captain Falcon there ever was, and there ever will be, regardless of whether you played Melee or not. Your knee reflexes are going to be so strong, the next time your doctor knocks on them, you’ll blast him outside of the building.

But, before I get into that, there’s some important info I’d like to share. Something that surprised me, was Lawrence Yang from Valve actually got a hold of me and emailed me:

Hey Mark! Sorry I’ve been ignoring your Twitter DMs. As you can probably tell, ever since we shipped the Steam Deck out over a year ago, we’ve been crazy busy. That being said, I just wanted to let you know that your website looks great. We’ve appreciated the coverage you’ve been creating for the Steam Deck so far!

As a result, Valve has been so impressed with my work ethic that they asked if I wanted to take their next-gen Steam Deck for a spin. It’s tentatively been called the “Steam Deck 2” and is very early in its prototype stages. So, despite Yang himself saying the next-gen Deck wouldn’t be out “for a few years”, you can see here, that they’re already working on the next iteration.

So, here’s what I can tell you so far regarding the Steam Deck 2:

  • the APU is codenamed “Little Phoenix”
  • the APU utilizes AMD’s Zen 4 architecture with RDNA 3 baked in, and has a boost speed of 4 GHz
  • the RAM has been upgraded to 6400 MT/s, providing a 16% bandwidth boost
  • it has 25-35% higher PPC than the original, and 10-20% higher boost clocks
  • the GPU is 60% faster
  • performance is nearly doubled now that the TDP has a max setting of 25 W
  • has detachable “joycons”
  • the white color stems from the theme of the Portal series

Battery…heh, let’s not go there. I can’t really disclose the numbers anyway.

Despite Pierre-Loup Griffais’ earlier claims that an OLED screen would be too difficult to implement, well, Valve actually put it in here. I’m telling you, the colors look freaking gorgeous.

What else is different? Well, not much to be honest with you. In fact some of the buttons got “nerfed” in the sense that they got removed. The screen and the battery were the biggest concerns for Valve. They certainly addressed the former. The latter…not so much. It was the one thing I’d hope they’d actually improve. But hey, this is a prototype; I’m sure they can figure something out. The triggers now actually have a “click” effect when they’re fully pressed down. A welcome feature, which the Steam controller had. The analog sticks also feel a bit more…natural. Like, they don’t feel as synthetic as the ones in the original do.

Steam Deck 2 prototype

Can’t really comment on the software; I’m kind of under the same NDA as other journalists were when they got their review unit. All I can say is it’s constantly updating every day.

Launch date? Valve still doesn’t really have a concrete answer on that. They told me a vague “2025.” Between now and then, I imagine this prototype will evolve quite a lot. And yes, Valve assured me they will continue to send me new prototypes whenever they come up with one. Price wasn’t really set in stone either; I would imagine the base model will go for around $600.

Meantime, we’ve yet to hear from the big N regarding their plans for the next-gen Switch.

Oh, as if I wasn’t flabbergasted enough that Yang contacted me, Griffais also got in touch:

Mark, apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I just wanted to say, I am aware of the articles that you wrote even before you founded your own web site. I must admit, I am impressed! I’ve also been made aware of some other developers at Valve who might have said some negative things about you. You can ignore the part where they said, “Blog author just copy pastes the outrage bait parts without checking anything, obviously.” You do check the facts before you paste anything down, I can assure you of that. Sometimes they don’t think before they talk.

Wow. Thanks for the encouragement, Griffais!

Now, where were we…ah, Melee, right! So here’s how you can chain grab with Captain Falcon’s down throw…

WARNING: LGC will be shutting down March 7, 2024. See this post for more details.