Pretty exciting update for Heroic Games Launcher. When seeing the details for a game, you’ll see how many hours it takes to beat the game, so long as the data for that particular game is available. Awesome feature to see.

Plenty of other features have been added to beta 3 of version 2.5.0:

  • UI and performance improvements
  • “more seamless” UI navigation with gamepad, controls more akin to the Deck UI
  • similar behavior is exerted as the Deck when a MicroSD card has been removed or installed, for increased seamlessness for detecting externally installed games
  • improved cloud sync detection
  • Legendary (the backend that powers Heroic) has been updated to the latest version; this fixes the accidental deletion of save data when the cloud version of the save gets downloaded
  • the Linux version of the app now has a checkbox to use the default Wine settings when installing a game
  • various smaller changes and tweaks

Some bugs have been fixed:

  • VKD3D should now install correctly
  • autosaves sync should work when launching games from Steam

Heroic use default wine settings checkbox

Future releases of 2.5.0 “will focus only on bugfixes.”

See the full patch notes and known issues with this release on GitHub.