A month-and-a-half after the previous release, the Heroic Games Launcher has “tons of commits” for us to look forward to. Awesome features included in this update are:

  • download manager – you can now queue as many games as you want to download while doing other tasks
  • custom user themes – different themes have already been available, but now you can make your own by using CSS
  • apps outside of EGS or GOG can now be added and launched within Heroic
  • “more robust” online checking system
  • several fixes for the UI
  • performance improvements
  • improved README and “developer experience”
  • refactored Settings menu/frontend/offline detection
  • Linux-specific fixes, such as showing the Wine prefix in Game Settings and adding a warning if using only one dGPU if the “Use Dedicated Graphics Card” option is ticked
  • shortcuts to Steam are now added automatically
  • updated login design
  • apps can now be sideloaded
  • Legendary, the backend that powers Heroic, has been updated to 0.20.30
  • plenty of bug fixes

The patch notes mention that you may want to clear Heroic’s cache before using this version to avoid a few bugs. On Linux, the cache is located in ~/.config/heroic/Cache/Cache_Data.

See the full patch notes on GitHub.