Heroic Games Launcher gets its first 2023 release, and with it is a new logo, as well as a new default theme called “Midnight Mirage”. Game Settings is now easier to access, since it’s now opened as a dialog as opposed to a new page. Games can be auto-updated or skipped.

Several fixes and other smaller features have made it in as well. Below are the highlights and fixes with this release:


  • New Default Theme ‘Midnight Mirage’
  • Game Settings will open on a dialog now instead of a new page, making it easier to access them.
  • New item on the game submenu called ‘Extra Info’ will show extra information like HowLongToBeat and Game Score
  • Heroic will show progress for individual files when moving a game
  • Better caching for GOG games information
  • [Linux/macOS] When the selected wine version was not found Heroic will search and suggest another one
  • [macOS] Wine manager was enabled and it is possible to download Wine Crossover and Wine-Staging directly from Heroic.
  • Added setting to auto-update games and also to skip updates for a specific game
  • Sidebar now will resize on drag event
  • Now it is possible to see the download size and platform of the game on the Downloads manager
  • Added a button to retry the auto-detection of the saves game path for games that supports cloud sync saves
  • [Windows] Arm64 build available


  • Heroic will block the installation when changing the platform on the install dialog to avoid corrupting the game
  • Fixes and improvements on GOG games setup and installation
  • Fix game status not working properly sometimes
  • Ui fixes and improvements
  • Several other fixes and improvements

Note that 2.6.1 is a minor update for 2.6.0, which is a “small hotfix that was causing some issues on a clean install.”

See the patch notes on GitHub.

Cover image credit: Heroic dev team